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  • Traditional Full-Service Funeral
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  • Burial at sea
  • Body and organ donation
  • Repatriation

Who we are

who we are

Aspendale Gardens Funeral Services

The entire staff at Harris Aspendale Gardens Funeral Services is dedicated to serving the families of Aspendale Gardens with dignity and in the most professional and caring manner.

We are a family owned and operated Funeral Home in Melbourne serving the area of Aspendale Gardens and we continue to maintain a long-standing tradition of personalised service.

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Our Funeral Services

our funeral services

Our Funeral Services

Welcome to Harris Family Funerals Aspendale Gardens

Harris Family Aspendale Gardens Funerals, located in Melbourne and serving the Aspendale Gardens area, is committed to exceeding your expectations of service and value. Harris Family Funeral Homes Aspendale Gardens will save you thousands of dollars on funeral services and allow you to express your faith in a very tangible way.

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Traditional Services

our traditional services

A wide variety of services exist today, traditional services remain a popular and practical choice for many families. We continue to proudly offer traditional services in addition to modern alternatives in Aspendale Gardens.

Traditional services are typified by a funeral notice then viewing period, followed by a service the following day. Many families choose to hold services in the church the family attends, or select a location personally significant to the deceased. The burial or cremation follows the service.

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